The Best Office Chair

Most of us that work or use the computer daily know one thing for sure, sitting in a bad office chair for awhile hurts. It’s uncomfortable and leads to pain that could have long lasting effects. Investing a bit of time or money can help reduce the chances of getting an office chair that’s not fit for you. We know it’s difficult to choose, and so we’ve tried to simplify the process for you by presenting to you our best office chair picks:

The Struggle:

Picking the right office chair for your office or home is no easy feat, it’s easy to go to the store and pick one that seems good initially, but later one it could come back to haunt you like it did to me. I was in the same boat, I needed a new chair for my brand new desk, and went to the local big retailer and picked what I thought was a nice one. After a few weeks of use, I began to have more and more aches and pains. It took awhile to piece it together, but finally I realized it must have been the chair. After doing a bit of research, I’ve found that there are a few key areas to look out for:


Not All Office Chairs Are Created Equal:

There are three main types of office chairs: executive office chairs, task chairs, and mid-back chairs. Executive office chairs usually offer full body support from legs to the head, and come with more comfortable materials meant for sitting longer periods of time. Executive office chairs are generally the highest quality chairs you can possibly get. Task chairs have greater mobility and are more lightweight, letting you maneuver throughout the office easily; however, task chairs often have no armrests and lack extra support. Mid-back chairs have better ergonomics than task chairs and are almost the same as executive chairs, but offer less back support, hence the name mid-back.


Features to look out for in an office chair:


The chair should be able to fit to the correct height of your desk. Legs should be parallel to the ground with your feet resting flat. Resting arms should be parallel to where you’d be working at. Too high and you’ll put strain on the knees and possibly reduce blood circulation which can have very negative impacts. If it’s a bit too low, you’ll be putting extra pressure on your butt bones, and no one wants a sore butt (you’ll be sitting all day already, why add more pain!?).



If the depth of the office chair from the front to back is too big, you’ll be giving yourself extra pain either on your legs or back. Too far back and the legs will be hanging off the edge at a bad angle. Too far forward and you’ll miss all of the back support. Do yourself a favor here and actually get some measurements.



Lower back pain. Need I say anymore? We’re not about that at all. You give me a beautiful chair but no back support? You couldn’t pay me to sit in it. I’m not trying to be a hunchbacked guy when I’m 50. Adjustable lumbar are usually the way to go, and let you adjust to your back shape and size. You want it to be firm, not too hard, not too soft.



The key area here is to not have your shoulders slumping, you should be able to sit straight up and have your arms level to your work area(keyboard/mouse area). Ideally, you’d want adjustable arm rests, but the budget may not always allow it.



Some chairs look cooler than others, we all want the best looking thing, but more often than not, they’re not designed for feel but for looks. Be careful here to not get distracted by the glitz and glamour. Leather executive chairs might make you sweat a bit more in a hot environment, while mesh might be a better idea and help facilitate air flow. Comfort is the most important issue here.



Yeah I hear you already, but what does all this stuff cost? This is where the trade off’s come into play. Some of us only have a tiny budget of $50 or so bucks to hit as many of these options as we can, in cases like those, I’d recommend something like AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair However, think of the office chair as in investment to your well being. If you’ll be in the chair a ton of time, think about beefing up the budget and saving on back pain medical costs down the road! Generally you can get a nice office chair in the $100-$250 range, some recommended and well reviewed options would be these:


Serta Health and Wellness Office Chair


The Serta Motion and Wellness Office Chair


After using this office chair, my back has had zero pain and it’s one of the most comfortable office chairs I’ve ever had in my life. The only downside is that it’s so comfortable, I’ve fallen asleep watching movies in it. I highly recommend this chair as nice entry budget office chair.


AmazonBasics Office Chair:


AmazonBasics Task Chair

While this chair doesn’t have real lumbar support for your back, it’s set up it almost works the same way. Never experienced any pain in the test runs I’ve tried. The price tag is just right, and this chair will last you for quite a bit. The mesh will let your back and butt breath, helping to reduce sweat!




Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair:

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

This is a high end executive chair with a price tag to match it. One of the most comfortable office chairs to ever grace the planet. Make sure you check the various sizing options before considering buying it. You won’t go wrong at all on an Aeron. If something does go wrong, they have top notch customer support that will replace it hassle free. A lot of big companies use these office chairs in their offices, and for good reason. A bit pricier, but worth every penny.

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