Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Chair


This elegant mid back chair is a sight to behold. In any option they offer you really can’t go wrong. The cushions feel very comfortable even for extended periods of use. For the price, it’s really hard to find a better deal for such a modern mid back chair. In our trials, it performed very well and held up against a lot of our other options. While the back support could be slightly better, those who have no major back issues already, should manage just fine.

Alera Neratoli Mid Back Chair

The Big Features:

Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile. The faux leather looks nice and feels nice. We didn’t experience any pain using this mid back chair for long periods of time. The cushions on the arms are a nice touch as well!

Waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation. Waterfall seats are one of the most important design elements in reducing leg pain while sitting for long periods of time.


The Small Details:

  • Padded arm caps for comfort and support
  • Five-star base with casters for easy mobility.


The Pros:

Stylized. This chair not only feels fantastic but has the looks to match it as well. It looks expensive, without being expensive.

Waterfall seating. Insanely important for reducing leg pain for longer periods of sitting, and we are greatly thankful for it.

Long-lasting. We’ve had people using this chair for years on end, and everyone single one still looks brand spanking new.

Very easy to assemble. Mechanically inclined or not, you’ll have this bad boy up and running in no time.


The Cons:

Occasional quality control issues, but nothing a little warranty doesn’t fix.

Back support is sufficient, but could be better. People with lower back issues should look into other options.

Lack of reclining. It stands straight up, and sometimes you just want to kick back and relax.

Alera Neratoli Mid Back Chair

The Verdict:

Looking for an expensive looking chair without paying the price? This is the mid back chair for you. Never mind the looks, this mid back chair feels comfortable for both your upper body and legs. 

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