DXRacer Formula Series FH11

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DXRacer Gaming Chair

This is one of the most widely known brands for gaming chairs, and easily one of our entry-choice top gaming chairs for gamers. We found in our dxracer chair review that they are comfortable for extended use and are especially well suited for individuals who will be seating for duration of 8 hours or longer.

Built with comfortable armrests, steel frame, and metal star base this chair offers amazing stability and comfort. The high backrest of this chair allows you to rest your neck which is something most office chairs do not provide and the DXracer can also be lowered several degrees for a comfortable napping position for long and tiring sessions. Although this is widely known as a gaming chair it would also fit well for the executive individual with a long strenuous schedule in a modern office setting.

Another good part about this particular gaming chair is the variety of colors that one may be able to choose, you can customize it with your room, your gaming computer, your keyboards, or nearly everything else. The race car look will easily give your room an appealing gamer/sporty look and would be an amazing gift especially for a gamer!

Of course one must be wondering whether the quality is good, well DXracer chairs are backed by amazing warranties and this one is no exception. Addtionally in our DXracer chair review, we discovered the phenomenal lifetime warranty on the frame, and its 24 month warranty on parts. Given the amount of use these gaming chairs are expected to go through this is an amazing commitment to quality by the company and one of the reasons this company we loved it so much in our DXracer chair review.

Day 4 at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China on 7 May, 2016. The DXracer chairs have been used throughout many professional tournaments.



Straight Back. Keeping proper posture of long periods of gaming is a necessity. Too often gamers have poor posture leading to pain and discomfort. Any sort of pain can cause the gamer to tilt and start playing worse. Keep your posture straight and it’ll help keep you focused on what matters, the game!

Adjustable height. We come in all shapes and sizes, and proper height is crucial. Every gamer has their own personal preferences and being able to adjust all the heights of the chair including armrests is perfectly ideal.

Lumbar cushion and Pillow Included. Comfort and back support? Sign me up. This gaming chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs we’ve ever used.

Pro-gamer endorsed. Tons of the top pros from various games use DXRacer chairs. If the best of the best use them, why don’t you?



  • Inlaid Color Bar Base
  • Adjustable height gas-spring
  • Integrated headrest
  • Backrest adjustable down to a comfortable position
  • Conventional Tilt Mechanism
  • Universal casters
  • Adjustable seat flexibility
  • Lumbar cushion and headrest pillow included


The Pros:

First of all it looks fantastic and comes in various color schemes to match your rig or battle station. We usually say to avoid looks, but this chair does look pretty damn awesome. It’s very comfortable and easy on the body to play for extended sessions of Warcraft or Counter-Strike. It comes highly recommended from various pro gamers and has been used for extended play time on professional player streams. This gaming chair is built to last.


The Cons:

Risk of tilt while reclining: The chairs go pretty far back, and it’s quite easy to tip over. But for most people, this isn’t a big issue.

The Verdict:

Our DXracer chair review highly recommends this chair for the medium budget range. Pro player and TheCozyOffice tested and approved, the DXRacer should be your first and last stop for a gaming chair!

DXracer chair review

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