Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

The Best Executive Office Chair.


If I had to describe this executive office chair in one word it would be the best, albeit cliche as that is. Sure, the price point of the Herman Miller chairs are a bit high, but for good reason. They’re built to last, instead of buying a new office chair every other year, this one lasts just about forever with a warranty to back it up. This is not just an executive office chair, this is a lifestyle choice.

To have your sitting life be pain free is a wonderful thing, and not only does it save money down the road on health care costs, you’ll simply be happier and more comfortable when working. The Herman Miller chairs regularly rank as the top office chair in Silicon Valley. If the best of the best are using them, why aren’t you Mr. Executive? This chair really shouldn’t even be reviewed as it’s the top office chair we’ve ever used in our lives. But if a Herman Miller Aeron chair is what you’re looking for, read on ahead!



The Herman Miller Aeron chair is a remnant of the dot-com bubble era. Many companies used these chairs before they could actually afford to spend the extra money for each employee. As the markets collapsed, offices were vacated and cleared of their office furniture. A columnist once said that the Aeron’s were “piled up in a corner as a kind of corporate graveyard.” The Herman Miller Aeron line sold so many units in the dot-com era, that they could survive and continued improving on the design since then. To date nearly 7 million units have been sold, and a new unit is produced every 17 seconds.



Herman Miller’s Kinemat® tilting mechanism that lets your entire body rest and pivot in a completely natural fashion. Greatly reducing pain on all the major joints, which is exactly what we like to be, pain free.

Very Breathable. Everyone hates sweating and heat build up, not much more should be said here. This executive office chair is designed to keep you comfortable and not sweating your balls off. Reducing sweat is big enough a reason for me to consider it a top office chair alone.

Waterfall front edge. The front edge curves down like a waterfall letting your thighs feel as if they’re flowing through a serene river of pain-free-ness. It feels so good, sometimes you’ll actually not want to move and work more. Being productive is good right?

TWELVE YEAR WARRANTY. Need I say anymore than that? Most companies offer 1-2 year warranties, right around when it would start falling apart. There’s a big reason why Herman Miller has one of the best customer supports for executive office chairs; if anything from small to big is wrong with the Herman Miller Aeron chair, you’ll get it replaced no questions asked.


  • PostureFit back support
  • Polished aluminum base accent and frame
  • Leather armrests
  • Supportive mesh suspension
  • 8 ergonomic functions
  • Full adjustability
  • 94 percent recyclable and manufactured using up to 53 percent recycled content

Best in its class, the Executive Aeron chair offers superior comfort, body support and style in a design that redefines the very meaning of “work chair.”


The Pros:Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Pretty much the best office chair to ever grace mankind.
Designed to reduce all pain from sitting and working.
Top notch 12 year warranty, anything breaks? You’ll have new one asap.
Adjustable everything.
It’s shiny and stylish.

The Cons:

While the high price tag may seem like a con, I’d consider it an investment into a pain free lifestyle that also reduces medical costs. This ergonomic office chair is a one and done, not every few years kinda buy. Yet, it’s still hard to throw down a ton of dough.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review, The Verdict:

If you’ve got the financial capability to purchase this beautifully crafted gift from the gods Herman Miller Aeron chair, do it. It’s still the most comfortable thing we’ve ever glued our ass to and for good reason. One last reminder: this is not a yearly thing, this is the best office chair for the rest of your life.

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