HON Lota Mid-Back Chair

Style and Comfort

The HON Lota Mid-Back Office Chair

The HON Lota mid-back chair is a simple and elegant chair. It’s a simple chair with a new twist: Weight based adjustments. Some people say to not reinvent the wheel, but to improve on it. That’s exactly what HON Lota did here. The chair adjusts to your body weight in every position making for the best fit possible. There could still be some improvements to the chair, but it’s not a bad buy at all!


The Big features:

Automatically adapts to a wide variety of sizes, shapes and postures, providing one seating solution for everyone. The weight activated controls eliminate the need for confusing chair adjustments, such as levers and paddles. This means no hassle and more being comfortable right away. A big bonus in our book.

Ergonomic design provides the right amount of resistance and support to accommodate all users. The chair has adequate lumbar support and the cushion feels nice. It’s not the most comfortable thing you’ll ever sit in, but it does it’s job quite well for the price range.

The HON Lota Mid-Back Office Chair

The Small Details:

  • Arms are easily repositionable for various height, depth and pivot option
  • Covered by the HON Full Lifetime Warranty


The Pros:

Decent lumbar support. The chair doesn’t look like it, but the lumbar support feels nice and firm.

Weight controls for adjustments. One of the most awesome features we’ve ever seen in an office chair. Everyone hates levers and this chair solves that. All of the adjustments on the chair are weight based, so they’ll be exactly the right fit.

Full Lifetime Warranty. Damn. Not many companies have the guts to offer that. No hassle, anytime your chair breaks you get it replaced. For life. Why don’t more companies do this?


The Cons:

No seat tilt. Sometimes we just want to lean back and relax. Can’t really do that here, but you shouldn’t be doing that in the office anyway. Right Mr. busy office worker?

Occasional low quality parts. Yeah it happens, and they’ll replace them as soon as possible. If time is of the essence though, this could be very frustrating.

The HON Lota Mid-Back Office Chair

The Verdict:

The HON Lota mid-back chair is definitely something to consider, but for the price range there may be other options available. The weight adjustment features are a wonderful thing, and the novelty of that alone makes this office chair an interesting purchase. The chair does look stylish and feels wonderful. I’d recommend checking out more reviews and other chairs before you settle on this mid-back chair though.


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