Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

Awesome Chair, Awesome Price

The Kinsal Gaming Chair is an interesting addition to the gaming chair market. Aimed to be a more budget friendly DXracer, without sacrificing comfort or build quality. The Kinsal gaming chair is quite the pickup for the price range. In our Kinsal gaming chair review, we were quite surprised at how comfortable it was playing WoW and CS all day. We never had any major complaints about it and some of us liked it better than our DXracers.



Bucket Seat: Typical of gaming chairs who have been designed to replicate the feel of sitting in a racing car. They feel very comfortable and look awesome.

Tilt Mechanism:  The Kinsal gaming chair gives you the option to change the tilt of the chair anywhere between 90 to 180 degrees. Perfect for adjusting the chair to the right comfort setting.

Good Wheels: The wheels are very quiet on most surfaces and are very durable. They also look like racing wheels, which is pretty cool in itself.

Adjustable Heights: Users can adjust both the height of the chair AND the armrests. Not a very common feature, and we like it!

Ergonomic: Lumbar support, curved spinal support, high straight backrest, and pillow-feeling areas on the head and back areas.

Solid Warranty: 30 Days no questions asked return policy. Post 30 days, full part replacement for damaged areas.

Customization: Comes in eight different color variations and regular or upgraded sizes. Great for those users who are different sizes.


Kinsal Gaming Chair Review

The Pros:

Racing Car Seat: It feels like a real car seat. It’s meant to last you on those longer trips, or binges of gaming, and the comfort is there to match it. It snaps back and forth just like a real car seat would.

Easy to setup: It only comes in three different parts that are easy to put into place. We could set it up in about two minutes.

Looks Awesome: It looks fantastic and choosing the colors to match up with the rest of the room made it feel just right.

High Back: The taller back is great for taller people and feels great.

Adjust-ability: The ability to adjust the armrest height, chair height, and chair tilt lets you find just the right settings for your comfort.


The Cons:

Hot: It doesn’t really breath at all, so those of us who sweat a bit more may have some concerns of a wet chair.

Smell: It has that new car smell for a few days, but does go away.

Arm rests can turn: A bit weird to get used to, no option to lock them into the desired setting, but manageable.


  • 8/10
    Design - 8/10
  • 7.6/10
    Comfort - 7.6/10
  • 8/10
    Value - 8/10

The Kinsal Gaming Chair Review Verdict:

Overall, a great and affordable gaming chair. The comfort is on point and even matches up with how cool this thing looks. Definitely compares with a DXracer and other gaming chairs, and worth checking out. To wrap up our Kinsal gaming chair review, we can firmly recommend it as a great budget gaming chair, but make sure to check out the right sizing options.

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