LexMod Jive Task Chair


Right from the get go this modern task chair looks sleek. Almost as if it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. The arm-less design lets you maneuver around the office at will, but for owners who prefer arms, or higher backs, they offer that option as well. The vinyl feels quite nice while sitting short term, but could be better for longer periods of time. LexMod offers various colors and styles to match your office, something we usually advise against, however these just look awesome. A no B.S. task chair that’ll work wonders in any office.

LexMod Task Chair

The Big Features:

Arm-less. Having no arms lets you reach for and grab anything in site without having to bend over the arms. The lack of arms also lets you get in your task chair and out quickly from just about any angle.


Padded Vinyl Seat. Not the most comfortable for longer periods of time, but task chairs are designed for people on the move. It’s still quite comfortable for shorter periods of time, but if you’re looking for something to sit in all day and not move, I’d give it a pass.


The Small Details:

  • mid back office chair
  • Chrome-plated aluminum frame
  • Height adjustable

LexMod Task Chair

The Pros:

Freedom. You’re not restricted to any sitting angle or entry angle. You can go in your task chair and out as you please.

Modern Styling. This chair looks straight out of a sci-fi movie to us, and we greatly enjoy the look. The chrome-plated finishing are wonderfully beautiful.

Customization. You can pick the finishing and color scheme for this chair. Need armrests or different backrest setups? You got it.


The Cons:

Padded Vinyl  Seat. The chair is comfortable for the short term, but sitting in it all day might cause a little bit of pain. The LexMod Jive is designed for workers on the move going in and out of the chair consistently, which is where the vinyl feels nice.

LexMod Task Chair

The Verdict:

If a highly mobile chair is what you’re after in a fast paced work environment, this is a solid option for a task chair. For more stationary workers, we would advise something with more support. Overall, it’s still a good task chair that feels and looks very awesome. For the low budget range I would definitely recommend it.


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