The Steelcase Leap Review

The Steelcase LeapA Healthier Way To Sit.


In our Steelcase Leap review, we were astonished by how comfortable and how wonderfully designed the Steelcase Leap chair really was. The Steelcase Leap office chair is one of the main competitors for the Herman Miller Aeron chairs and for good reason. The Steelcase Leap is so mind numbingly comfortable we can’t believe it. This office chair is more flexible and offers more sitting positions then it’s competitor the Aeron. The Aeron being a more rigged chair for those of you who enjoy that, however this chair would fit the rest of you.

The Big Features:

  • Steelcase’s number 1 selling ergonomic chair. It’s livelumbar technology flexes with movements for ergonomic comfort.
  • Liveback – mimics the natural spine shape throughout the workday. the leap chair’s back changes its shape to conform to yours so you can work comfortably and stay comfortable longer. Our Steelcase Leap review took place over a 10 hour period, and our backs never felt better.
  • Natural glide system. Recline and the seat glides forward enabling you to recline and still stay visually oriented with your work. This encourages more varied postures, which means less static load on the spine.

The Steelcase Leap


The Small Details:

  • Cradle to Cradle Certification – Silver. The Steelcase Leap is up to 98-percent recyclable by weight, depending on the options selected, and made of up to 30-percent recycled content.


The Pros:

It’s so damn comfortable. The Steelcase Leap offers many different movement options and seating positions, we simply can’t get enough(or want to get up!).

Environmentally friendly. This chair is made of recycled parts and is 98 percent recyclable. We love the environment, and this chair embodies that.

Different options. The Steelcase leap comes in a variety of coloring options to match the feel and color of the room. Normally I don’t advise to look for colors, but if it’s comfortable enough why not?

The Bad:

Pricey. It’s a decent chunk of change, so really only look for this chair if you’re certain you’re looking for a long term chair. It’s not a bad idea at all, but for most of us, it’s slightly out of budget.


The Steelcase Leap.



The Steelcase Leap Review Verdict:

There’s a ton going right with this chair, and it’s definitely not a bad choice at all! The price is a tad bit high, but if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper alternative to the Herman Miller lines, but don’t want to sacrifice any quality the Steelcase Leap is just as good if not better. Snag it below or read some more reviews on Amazon.


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