Top 5 Task Chairs of 2018

Top 5 Task Chairs of 2018

Task Chairs are designed to have high mobility and comfort for moving about the office. While they usually don’t offer head support, they usually cover up to the mid back area. These are our picks of the top task chairs of 2018!


1: Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The king of office chairs.


It’s actually an executive task chair, but the thingHerman Miller Aeron Task Chair
is too comfortable tonot mention and still gets the job done. We’ve never had any issues using this in our office or home office. This chair will last you a minimum of 10 years even with heavy use. Comes with a full warranty that’ll replace anything that breaks anytime. This Herman Miller Aeron task chair is quite expensive, but it’ll seriously last you a lifetime and save thousands in sitting related pain health
costs. The best office task chair you’ll ever use,



2. Office Star Mesh Task Chair

Cool down in this mobile task chair


This task chair is highly breathable and move-able. Office Star Mesh Task ChairComes with lumbar support to avoid the dreaded back pain that comes with sitting for a long period of time. Has locking tilt control support, so your office chair won’t change positions. Office Star offers multiple versions of the chair, including one with head support for those of you that require it. There’s really great value for this comfortable chair. It’s hard to go wrong with this chair, and it’ll last you quite a few years.




3. Basyx’s Task Chair

Simple is nice.


Basyx Task ChairSometimes it’s best to do things simple. This task chair removes all of the extras and instead focuses on the two things that matter: comfort and mobility. You’ll be as free flowing as the wind in this chair, while feeling like you’re resting on a nice firm pillow. Sometimes the chair does get a bit slippery though, so watch out for it heavy sweaters! 




4. AmazonBasics Task Chair

Back to the basics.


Much like the Basyx task chair, the AmazonBasics chairAmazonBasics Task Chair
likes to keep it simple. Designed to for maneuverability in the office, this chair is for people who have to twist, spin, reach, and move about the office consistently. One of the easiest task chairs to put together ever, even the less mechanically inclined can have it up and running in 5 minutes. Even without all the extra features, it’s still very comfortable.


5. Flash Furniture’s Task Chair

For when circulation matters more.


Flash furniture's task chair

This sturdy and comfortable task chair is a bit different from the rest of our list. It’s designed to increase airflow to your body in warm environments. This task chair remains comfortable while being cost efficient. The curved back design greatly aids in relieving you of back pains associated with sitting long hours at the desk. The waterfall seat design helps reduce pressure off of your thighs and helps improve circulation.


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