The Comfort Products Admiral III Executive Chair

The Comfortable Admiral III Executive Chair.

The Admiral is a fitting name for this executive office chair. It looks sleek and is sturdy, yet a bit rough around the edges. It’s the kind of office chair that’ll last you a few battles(years), but most likely won’t last a lifetime on the seas. Don’t let that deter you though, this executive chair can take quite the beating.



500 Pound weight capacity. That’s a lot of weight for one Admiral to hold up on his own, but it’s no secret that the office lifestyle is pretty sedentary. We appreciate that this executive chair is built for all walks of life.

Tilt, tilt tension, lock swivel, and seat height adjustment. Sounds pretty par for the course, but with that weight capacity, this is pretty awesome for an office chair.

Leather upholstery. Overall makes it a nice feel and looks even better. Leather really makes it feel like you’re an executive in some fancy office sitting in his high end office chair. Where do I go to invest all my millions again?



Meets or exceeds BIFMA 5.11, meaning this chair has been proven to handle a ton of weight for long periods of time. It’s great knowing I’m not going to fall on my ass after a few hours of work.

Heavy-duty iron chrome base with dual wheel casters. The chrome is sturdy, and the wheels work just fine under all that pressure.

The Pros:

It feels nice, it looks nice, and the price is nice. Being able to support a ton of weight for an office chair is a big bonus for us big guys. We love the leather look and feel. The price isn’t overwhelming and feels just right.


The Cons:

Lack of adjustable arm rests and headrests, albeit most executive chairs are the same way. This chair is not meant to last forever and ever, but you’ll get a few solid years out of it.


Comfort Products Executive chair


The Verdict:

I’d recommend this executive office chair to anyone that wants to look and feel like an executive, or admiral! It feels comfortable, and we didn’t experience any pain from this office chair after long sessions. Most importantly though, it can handle the weight of the world, or just a few of me. If this office chair review entices you to check out more of this wonderful chair, check out more reviews on amazon below.

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